And as a veil rather than solid. And as skin rather than sight, 2015, takes its title from a line in Michael Serres’ 1985 book The Five Senses, a philosophy of mingled bodies. Combining a single channel video and a collection of wall-based calibrated tuning forks, the work explores the human form as both tangible and familiar and yet ruptured and distributed through time and space. Centred around the notion of a fractured digital human skin, produced through a collapse of the virtual and the real, it echoes a mediated contemporary experience, in which the digital realm forms part of everyday experience and construes a new sense of reality.

Harris’ film and sculptural works draw from the gallery’s former use as a site for the production of tuning forks, and echo the bodily frequencies of the head, hands, chest cavity and maxilla (sinus), installed at their corresponding heights. The sculptures are intended as a physical analogy of passing through and beyond the body—the frequencies of their notes correspond and resonate with the interior so that, when played, the notes are simultaneously within and beyond the skin.


Shown at Bloc Projects, Sheffield.

The Place of the Scene
Rowena Harris
Fay Nicolson
Francesco Pedraglio

23rd Oct - 21st Nov, 2015

And as a veil rather than solid. And as skin rather than sight (calibrated tuning forks), 2015
5 tuning forks calibrated to the frequencies of interior bodily organs - Cranium, manus, maxilla, thoratic cavity,
anterior chamber.
Installed in wall at the corresponding heights of each organ.
Dimensions variable

And as a veil rather than solid. And as skin rather than sight (film), 2015
Film preview excerpt 3min 14

(full film 10mins, single channel HD, stereo sound)

Actress: Jess Thompson
Sound, text and voice: The artist
Installation: Sound played through amp and subwoofer producing bass vibrations through-out gallery space.
(preview best received through headphones or quality speakers)

Shown here with "Between law and feeling I and II, and Appearance I, 2015" - Fay Nicolson (front right)

Install view - wall mounted calibrated tuning forks (behind),  (in front Fay Nicolson) 

Install view - film and wall mounted calibrated tuning forks, with Fay Nicholson (front) and Francesco Pedraglio (film - left).