And as a veil rather than solid. And as skin rather than sight, 2015
HD Stereo sound (requires base support in good headphone and/or subwoof+speakers)

Actress: Jess Thompson
Sound, text and voice: The artist 

And as a veil rather than solid. And as skin rather than sight, 2015, takes its title from a line in Michael Serres’ 1985 book The Five Senses, a philosophy of mingled bodies, and the work explores the human form as both tangible and familiar and yet ruptured and distributed through time and space, and reflects on the skin as porous site. Shown in the film, and making up the sound track, are 5 custom made tuning forks, calibrated to frequencies of the human body - head, hands, chest cavity and maxilla (sinus). Everything material and object in the world has a frequency of vibration. If you were to vibrate something in close enough proximity and at the frequency that mirrors another, the two - objects, space, materials, and in this case organs - vibrate together, and those of different frequencies in between (such as skin) remain unaffected and still. In this case one tuning fork and one’s chest cavity would vibrate together - leaving the skin between intact.

When installed the calibrated tuning fork are installed and inserted into the gallery wall at the corresponding heights of those human body parts.

3 min preview

Shown at Bloc Projects, Shefield.

The Place of the Scene
23rd Oct - 21st Nov, 2015
Rowena Harris, Francesco Pedraglio, Fay Nicolson (work of Fay in foreground)