Left Hand to Back of Head, Object Held Against Right Thigh
The Bluecoat, Liverpool
23rd Jan - 28th March

Group show with:
Rowena Harris, Mary Hurrell, Natalie Finnemore, Mitra Saboury,
Marianna Simnett, Marie Toseland, Hannah James, Becky Beasley

Accreted Part 1, 2013 (re-configured 2016)
T-shirts, emulsion paint
Dimensions variable (each t-shirt approx 21 x 30cm)

Accreted part 1 (green shirts) shown upon, and in collaboration with, Natalie Finemore (Untitled, 2016)

Extend and Compress, Part 2, 2013 (re-configured 2016)
Concrete, chewing Gum
Shirt 30 x 18 x 11 cm, Button 3 x 3 x 1 cm

12th December, 2015
13th December, 2015
14th December, 2015

Cyanotype on paper, aluminium, fixture
19 x 29 x 3-4cm

The cyanotype (sun reactive) photographic process has been utilised to create an alternate image - one where the shapes and marks activated by the sun trace a gesture. This gesture is a clenched hand firmly holding the paper material in the brief sunshine on the date described in the title. On going series reflecting the season and country climate inhabited by the artist at points in time.

From outstretched wrists, 2016
Cyanotype on blackout fabric, folding chair
83 x 41 x 53cm

The title describes the dimensions of the artist's body on a flat plane - from head to toe and from each outstretched wrist, and where the accompanying paper cyanotype series make up the hands. The dimension of the fabric also provides the dimension when crumpled and balled, to hug close to the body during exposure to the sun. Here the cyanotype process captures the 'crumpled body gesture' whilst the chair returns the form to human ergonomic characteristics.

I am the things in my pockets, but in much the same way I could be those things in yours, 2015
Silicon rubber, photographs  |  dimensions variable (the length of one gallery wall) 
(first shown at The Gallery Apart, Rome)