Molecular Multiplicities, 2018
HD, Stereo sound, 8’ 30” (3min preview shown here)
- n.b The film sound has be omitted from this preview version, as it has a deep base resonate, which does not play well on laptop speakers.
- the full version of this film, with sound, is available on request.

3D model - Ten24 media
Edit, words, sound - the artist

Is an inspection of the human. The film follows a figure, exploring the intimacies of the skin down to the pore level. And, as a digital manipulation of highly polished, post produced 3D scan, the footage appears troublingly hyperreal. This is partnered with techno-scientific narrative in subtitles that attempts to tell truths about how the ‘self’ is constructed and maintained at a molecular level by the immune system - and, on closer inspection of the role of companion species that live on our skin, a breakdown of this techno-scientific language. Self might be always already molecularly multiple, and skin nothing other then a mirage. The manipulation of footage is undertaken by the small graphic icon of a hand - a mouse icon - the everyday digital graphic, revealing the film as a screen capture. It hesitantly explores, stopping pausing, manipulating, and after a while scales get lost, and icon movement seems on the verge of caress - perhaps the most recognisably human element.

3 min preview