The State of Wishing for Rest and Sleep

This is page is really a holding page for new body of work to come, which responds to my recent research, and part of my own going practice-based PhD, Art Dept, Goldsmith’s College. The following words are a teaser and a placeholder: This new body of work will speak to sensory sensitivities and attentive states - of human sensibilities that might be in conflict with forces from a techno-logical world. It will speak to the indeterminate space of future-past, and of a force flowing beyond any glossy device we might hold in our hands - a force no longer limited to what is visible and physical - one dangerous - of impact and duress - of affecting some more than others depending on an individual sensory capacity to cope. Realising others see and feel the world like me, and others much worse - where the world floods forth, into sensory overload, forced through our eyes, ears, finger tips, smell - a swell of too-much world that makes conscious thought - ourselves - vacate from our minds, I awake to what this is. This is a sensory politics of a kind, that ruptures along a new line, a line that determines who with thrive, and who will be force to the shadow and into affliction - the techno-logic is ordered against an ability to cope. To cope means that there is a reality that you, or others, sometimes cannot. Why has it become norm to accept we have to cope with the digital logic of this world?

In a few months the new work will be here. The first iterations however, were already shown in the following group show:

Some people believed the sun used to yellow
(group show) 15 Dec 2018 - 27 Jan 2019
Julia Crabtree & William Evans, Elena Damiani, Rowena Harris, Adrien Missika, Ana Vaz
Curated by Borbála Soós. Trafó House of Contemporary Arts, Budapest, HU