A Symptom of Objects
Andrew Gillespie, Rowena Harris, Ian Jackson, Joshua Johnson
James Stradner, Emily Tilzey, Lily Ackroyd-Willoughby
17 Nov - 11 Dec 2016
Supercollider Projects,
Blackpool, UK

Film Screening
As part of 'Persistent states, poached eggs, part two'
11th Nov, 7-9pm
Saarländische Galerie
Charlottenstrasse 3

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A day of performances
1st Oct, 3-5pm
ASC Gallery, SE17 2DG

As part of the exhibition:

Say What?
Kit Craig, Rowena Harris, Alex Lawler, James Prevett,
Fay Nicolson, Emily Rosamond, Lisa Selby, Madalina Zaharia
12th Sept - 28th Oct, 2016
ASC Gallery, London, 
SE17 2DG