A Crip Body of Water (pacing is vital for energy flows), 2023

Trailer ~ 3mins

Access notes: There are two voices corresponding to closed caption subtitle. There is no other sound. A female sounding voice speaks in Welsh language, a male sounding voice speaks in English language, with a light west midlands lilt. There is a transcript for this trailer available through vimeo.

This work spans two forms:

A moving-image work
Single channel video, 4K, stereo sound, 31′ 05″
Currently on display at the Watershed exhibition,
MAC Birmingham, 29 June – 5 Nov 2023 

A fatigue accessible audio trail
Audio, stereo sound via smartphone, Sited at Elan Valley, 38′ 20″
Available via Spotify: bit.ly/crip-body-of-water

A pdf guide to A Crip Body of Water (pacing is vital for energy flows), 2023 - A fatigue-accessible audio artowrk around Caban Coch Dam. The design is a dark grey background, and light pink text, with wavy borders, and a QR code

Download the accessible PDF guide here:
English – EN dark mode   ;   Cymraeg – CY dark mode
English – EN light mode   ;    Cymraeg – CY light mode

Development and produced as a part of Rowena’s two part residency hosted by Elan Links and MAC, Birmingham. The hybrid artwork that spans a moving-image form and audio work sited at Elan Valley, is inspired by the water and energy management systems of Elan Valley in relation to life altering fatigue. The narrative is spoken from the position of water, in combined Welsh and English language, and takes inspiration from pacing practices for fatigue and radical habitation of space and time living with fatigue creates. It’s aims are to re-narrativise this landscape for sick, crip and disabled bodies that are often excluded.

The hybrid form functions as a creative response to access needs specific to fatigue, offering remote access in combination with a site-specific fatigue-accessible engagement with a particular reservoir and dam at Elan Valley known as Caban Coch. The are two optional routes or locations for the audio work, designed to support different access requirements and energy availability – a gentle 30 min walk with opportunities to rest; or a seating viewing point overlooking the dam and reservoir.

Commissioned by Elan Links & MAC, Birmingham

English Voice Artist – Jack Trow
Welsh Voice Artist – Sam Frankie Fox
Translation to Welsh – Delyth Huw Thomas
Sound Engineer – Christopher Lee
Hydroturbine Model – Luspenzia
Camera, Script, CGAnimation, Editing – Rowena Harris

with thanks to Long Covid Wales

A landscape showin the top of a water fall or dam with flow out of site, green grass in front, still blue water in middle, and mountiain behind. To the far left at the fonrt are legs liying on a picnic bench, with body and head cropped from frame

blue water froths and hurries below a ledge framed by trees, the light is bright and making lens flares

A digital technical drawing of a close up of a machine, a wheel in centre and filling the frame, a subtitle reads "it is quite possible that no accommodation be required"

A water fall with white frothing flow around a brick built protuberance in near focus, the light it bright, it feels epic,

Green moss covers craggy rocks with branches chaotically growing, light floods the image with lens flares, in the grey distance is large dark architecture

A digital technical drawing of a complex circular machine, black background and white line, a subtitle reads: "hearings for the Birmingham Water Act"

A group of people walk along a path in a forest, shot from behind
Audio Trail
A group of people walk along a path through a gate, towards a waterfall
Audio Trail